The India Project leverages Brookings’ multidisciplinary expertise to research and analyze critical policy issues related to India, as well as U.S.-India relations. Affiliated scholars conduct research and analysis, contribute to the public debate, and provide policy recommendations in the areas of their expertise. Their research has focused on three clusters:

(1) Foreign and Security Policy, examining India’s role in the world, its relations with countries in the region, including China and Pakistan, its defense policy and organizations, as well as U.S.-India relations.

(2) Social and Economic Development, researching the Indian economy, including fiscal and trade policies, infrastructure needs and the country’s growing middle class; exploring India’s growth and development prospects, as well as its impact on the global economy; examining economic and other links between key Indian and U.S. metropolitan areas; assessing Indian social infrastructure policies, including in the area of healthcare and education.

(3) Energy and Climate Change, analyzing Indian energy policies, as well as the country’s current and potential international energy links, including with the U.S.; exploring Indian environmental policies and their economic impact.

The Project also organizes public events and private roundtables, bringing together participants from governments, the corporate sector, think tanks, academia and the media to discuss critical Indian policy issues.