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The Legalization of Marijuana

A bag of marijuana being prepared for sale sits next to a money jar at BotanaCare in Northglenn, Colorado, December 31, 2013. Proprietors of the first marijuana retailers licensed to sell pot for recreational use in Colorado, including BotanaCare, were busy rolling joints and stocking shelves with their leafy merchandise on Tuesday, ahead of a New Year's Day grand opening. (REUTERS/Rick Wilking)

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In the marijuana industry, size doesn’t always matter

June 29, 2016, John Hudak

As marijuana reform expands across the United States, states are most commonly adopting a corporate model to bring product to market. In the process, fears abound that the industry will consolidate into "Big Marijuana"--a small number of firms causing market havoc as the tobacco industry did in the 20th century. In a new paper, John Hudak and Jon Rauch examine what "Big Marijuana" is, what it is not, and recommend that policy makers think differently about what they want marijuana reform policies to achieve.

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