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The Legalization of Marijuana

REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn - A man stands in front of a medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles, California, July 24, 2012. The Los Angeles City Council voted on Tuesday to ban storefront medical marijuana dispensaries in the City of Los Angeles, where there are currently an estimated 1,000 of such businesses operating, according to news reports.

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How Bob Dole got America addicted to marijuana taxes

December 18, 2015, Pat Oglesby

As states legalize marijuana, more marijuana businesses are opening across the country. An obscure 1982 brainchild of Bob Dole’s Senate Finance Committee, section 280E of the federal tax code, is hitting state-legal marijuana sellers in the pocketbook—right now. In this post, Pat Oglesby explains how the provision came to be, and what implications it has beyond just the marijuana industry. 

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