Growth through Innovation


How to advance growth through innovation?

What new practices and mechanisms will help prevent another economic downturn from turning into a financial panic that could become a truly global meltdown? What changes in the public and private sectors will build the workforce and infrastructure required for a global information-based economy? What will it take to put fiscal, monetary, and regulatory policy on a sustainable footing? What will it take to reform health care without incurring costs that will crush long-term economic growth? How does a nation create jobs for its own citizens in a globalized economy?

In addressing these and other questions, we will explore ways to improve the fiscal, monetary, financial and regulatory components of a sound and sustainable economy. We will strengthen our research and recommendations with regard to human capital, with emphasis on health, education, and worker mobility and the contributions that those factors make to growth. We will also look for ways to promote effective investments in physical infrastructure—rails, roads, ports and bridges, electricity grids, and telecommunications. Finally, we will make recommendations on how to take advantage of America’s position in an open, rules-based global trade and financial system in a way that promotes economic growth in the U.S. and abroad.