Global Gateways: International Aviation in Metropolitan America

This interactive feature provides first-of-its kind data on the flow of international passengers in and out of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas. It features data describing the scale of these flows and it calls out the international markets where these ties are particularly strong. What's more, this tool goes beyond describing where passengers are going and tells us how they get there. Using data on transfer points and a map that visualizes each leg of each international route, it paints a portrait of how our global aviation infrastructure rises to meet the demand of international passengers.


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North America

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International travel to and from:

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Number of

2003 2011 Change, 2003–11
World region of passenger origin or destination Share of

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How do people get there? Of all passengers flying to or from an international destination, flew direct.

Most common metro area transfer points Passengers

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Note: The map depicts great circle routes which do not necessarily coincide with actual flight routes.


This interactive feature accompanies our report on global air travel, which notes significant growth in passenger trends and how U.S. metropolitan areas serve as critical hubs for international trade.

SERIES: Metropolitan Infrastructure Initiative | Number 37