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On March 16, the 21st Century Defense Initiative at Brookings hosted its second annual Military and Federal Fellow Research Symposium, featuring the independent research produced by the members of each military service, and key federal agencies, who spent the last year serving at think tanks and universities across the nation. Organized by the fellows themselves, it was intended to provide a platform for building greater awareness of the cutting-edge work that America’s military and governmental leaders are producing on key policy issues.

The theme of this symposium was "Defense Challenges and Future Opportunities." After a brief introduction by Peter Singer, director, 21st Century Defense Initiative, panel discussions focused on the fellows’ research findings in the areas of emerging governance, regional insecurity, Department of Defense efforts to harness cyberspace, alliance and regional partnerships, and new challenges in the maritime domain. Major General Lori Robinson, director of Legislative Liaison, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, and former Brookings federal executive fellow, gave the lunchtime address.

After each panel, the speakers took audience questions.

Event Agenda

  • 9:30 AM -- Welcome

  • 9:40 AM -- Panel 1: Regional Insecurity and Emerging Governance

    • Moderator

    • COL Timothy McKernan (USA)

      Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellow

      "The Future of Iraq: The Bumpy Road on the Highway of Peace and Prosperity"

    • LtCol Christopher Naler (USMC)

      Federal Executive Fellow, The Brookings Institution

      "Democracy's Guardians: The Role of the Military in Emerging Democracies"

    • CAPT Lawrence Vasquez (USN)

      Federal Executive Fellow, The Brookings Institution

      "The Role of Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan"

  • 11:05 AM -- Panel 2: Department of Defense Efforts to Harness Cyberspace

    • Moderator

    • LtCol Jerry Carter (USMC)

      National Security Fellow, Harvard University

      "Can the Department of Defense Achieve Cyberspace Superiority?"

    • COL David Hathaway (USAF)

      Federal Executive Fellow, The Brookings Institution

      "The Digital Kasserine Pass: Command and Control of DOD Cyberforces"

    • Bruce MacKay

      Defense Intelligence Agency Chair

      U.S. Marine Corps University

  • 12:30 PM -- Lunchtime Keynote

    • Maj Gen Lori Robinson

      Director, Legislative Liaison

      Office of the Secretary of the Air Force

  • 1:20 PM -- Panel 3: The Changing Maritime Environment

    • CDR Scott Bunnay (USN)


      "Maritime Disorder and Governance of Ship Registries"

    • CDR Josh Himes (USN)

      Navy Fellow, Center for Strategic and International Studies

      "Somali Piracy: Follow the Money"

    • CDR Jeffrey Randall (USCG)

      Federal Executive Fellow, The Brookings Institution

      "America's Leatherman Tool: The Coast Guard's Law Enforcement"

  • 2:45 PM -- Panel 4: The U.S. and Regional Partners

    • Moderator

      Fiona Hill, Director, Center on the United States and Europe; Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Program
    • COL John Angevine (USA)

      Federal Executive Fellow, The Brookings Institution

      "Australian Defence White Paper 2009"

    • Julie Boland

      Federal Executive Fellow, The Brookings Institution

      "Ten Years of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization"

    • LtCol Butch Bracknell (USMC)

      Marine Corps Fellow, The Atlantic Council

      "Naval Expeditionary Force Contributions among Latin American Allies"


March 16, 2011

9:30 AM - 4:00 PM EDT

The Brookings Institution

Falk Auditorium

1775 Massachusetts Ave., NW


For More Information

Brookings Office of Communications

(202) 797-6105