Global Economy and Development

About Global Economy and Development

The Global Economy and Development program aims to shape the U.S. and international policy debate on how to manage globalization and fight global poverty. The program is home to leading scholars from around the world, who use their expertise in international macroeconomics, political economy, international relations and development and environmental economics to tackle some of today’s most pressing development challenges. 

Global Economy and Development experts draw on the core strengths of Brookings—authoritative, independent and nonpartisan research, a depth of practical expertise and unparalleled convening power—to address three critical areas:

  • The drivers of the global economy
  • The road out of poverty
  • Global public goods

Global Economy and Development is led by Kemal Derviş, who previously served as the head of United Nations Development Programme and as Turkey’s Treasury secretary. He has also taught at several academic institutions, including Princeton and Columbia universities. The program also houses the following centers and projects:

Africa Growth Initiative
Center for Universal Education
Development Assistance and Governance Initiative
Global-CERES Economic and Social Policy in Latin America Initiative

Global Staff

Kemal Derviş - Vice President and Director 
Homi Kharas - Deputy Director and Senior Fellow 

Kristina Server - Senior Director of Development and Management 
Jacqueline Sharkey - Director of Finance 
Neil O'Reilly - Director of Communications
Yamillett Fuentes - Director of Administration

Jennifer Banks - Senior Development Officer
Sara Coffey - Development Officer
Trevor Sparks - Development Associate
Aki Nemoto - Financial Manager 
Valeriya Ten - Financial Manager
Antwan Brown - Finance Assistant
Christina Golubski - Communications Manager
Jennifer Tyre - Web Content and Digital Media Manager
Vanessa Guerrero - Program Coordinator 
Jordan Bivings - Assistant to the Vice President
Amy Copley - Project Coordinator and Research Assistant, AGI
Jenifer Gamble - Associate Director of Operations, CUE
Andrea Holcombe - Operations Manager, CUE
Renee McAlpin - Project Manager, CUE
Melen Hagos - Senior Center Coordinator, CUE
Tyler Ditmore - Project Assistant, CUE
Amanda Braga - Project Coordinator and Research Assistant, CUE
Madelyn Swift - Project Coordinator, DAGI

Soumya Chattopadhyay - Senior Research Associate
Karim Foda - Research Associate
Edith Joachimpillai - Research Analyst
Radhika Goyal - Research Analyst, AGI
Mariama Sow - Research Assistant, AGI
Kate Anderson - Senior Policy Analyst and Associate Fellow, CUE
Jasodhara Bhattacharya - Policy Analyst, CUE
Katie Smith - Research Analyst, CUE
Eileen McGivney - Research Analyst, CUE
Sophie Gardiner - Research Assistant, CUE
Fabiola Lara - Research Assistant, CUE
Lindsay Read - Research Assistant, CUE
Priyanka Varma - Research Assistant, CUE
Joseph Nguramo - Visiting Researcher, CUE
Christine Zhang - Research Analyst, DAGI
Aatika Nagrah - Research Analyst, DAGI
Sinead Mowlds - Research Assistant, DAGI
Lorenz Noe - Research Assistant, DAGI
Krista Rasmussen - Research Assistant, DAGI
Julia Ruiz Pozuelo - Research Analyst, ESPLA