Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform

Public Health

The Engelberg Center supports public health strategies that improve population health and quality of life through the prevention and treatment of disease, and addressing other physical and mental health conditions. The Center's goal is to achieve a healthier America that addresses the actual determinants of health and promotion of healthy behaviors, including social determinants such as socioeconomic status, employment, education, physical environment, and access to safe, affordable housing. Our efforts include connecting a broad range of sectors, ranging from public health agencies to community organizations. 

Signature Projects

Improving Health While Reducing Cost Growth: What is Possible? Written by co-authors Mark McClellan and Alice Rivlin for the Future of U.S. Health Care Spending Conference, this paper addresses two questions: What policies could reduce the projected growth of health spending while enhancing population health and the quality of health care? How much difference might these policies make if successfully executed?

Irene Diamond Fellowship for Public Health: The Center works in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to support projects that advance prevention of chronic disease and illness, address the social determinants of health, and enhance the overall health of communities nationwide.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Commission to Build a Healthier America: Led by co-chairs Alice Rivlin and Mark McClellan, the Commission works to address the social factors that impact health by supporting strategies that enhance childhood development programs, revitalize low-income neighborhoods, and broaden the mission of providers beyond medical treatment.