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Africa Growth Initiative

Africa Growth Initiative


The Africa Growth Initiative works to inform new policies and models for better development outcomes in Africa through rigorous research and analyses, convenings featuring African voices, and direct engagement with African partners.

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For Africa to achieve transformative progress, solutions and policies must come from local sources. Since its launch 15 years ago, the Africa Growth Initiative (AGI) has established itself as the preeminent center on African development policy from an African perspective.

Housed within the Global Economy and Development program, AGI scholars partner with a broad network of African think tanks to provide impactful, high-quality, and nonpartisan research and policy guidance on pressing issues impacting the Africa region. AGI focuses its research on five key areas: (1) development financing, (2) trade and regional integration, (3) technology and innovation, (4) jobs and structural transformation, and (5) climate change. Underscoring these five main pillars are three cross-cutting themes that are inter-connected and relevant to all our research: governance, gender, and youth.

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