Mubusa Zamchiya

Mubuso Zamchiya

Mubuso Zamchiya is the managing director of Age of Learning Foundation, which is dedicated to fundamentally improving the education of underserved children through digital learning on a global scale. He was previously managing director at the Luminos Fund, which helps out-of-school children across the world gain a second chance to learn, and formerly senior vice president of partnerships at Ashoka. He had also held executive and senior leadership roles in charter school networks in upstate New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Before working in education, Mubuso served in strategic and business development capacities at the International Finance Corporation, AES Corporation, and Barclays.

Zamchiya has been active in various capacities in global education, youth development, and leadership development. He is an advisor to a number of social impact and philanthropic organizations. He is also an Echoing Green Fellow, a Pahara Fellow, a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network, and a Rhodes Scholar.

  • Current Positions

    • Managing Director, Age of Learning Foundation
  • Past Positions

    • Managing Director, The Luminos Fund
    • Director of Global Partnerships, Ashoka
  • Education

    • MPhil. in Development Studies, Oxford University
    • LL.M. in Commercial and International Law, University of Bristol
    • LL.B., University of Bristol