James W. Ellsworth

James Ellsworth

Federal Executive Fellow – Foreign Policy, Strobe Talbott Center for Security, Strategy, and Technology, Commander – United States Coast Guard

Cmdr. James Ellsworth is a Coast Guard cutterman with experience conducting interagency shipboard operations including search and rescue, law enforcement, and disaster response. He has served aboard four Coast Guard cutters, including as commanding officer of CGC Bernard C. Webber. He previously served as the Coast Guard’s fiscal year 2021 budget coordinator, responsible for integrating all aspects of the service’s $13.1 billion budget, the Coast Guard’s largest appropriation at the time. In this role, he evaluated programmatic needs, developed strategies for, and defended the Coast Guard’s budget before the White House and Congress through final enactment. In addition, he served on the 27th commandant of the Coast Guard’s continuity team, supporting service-wide policy development and strategic planning.

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