Annelies Goger

Fellow – Brookings Metro

Annelies Goger is an economic geographer focused on developing innovative policy solutions to address rising inequality and increase access to economic opportunity. Dr. Goger’s recent work investigates how to scale earn-and-learn opportunities in the U.S., how to build equitable skills-based hiring data systems, and how to leverage federal investments in infrastructure and innovation ecosystems to improve access to quality jobs and learning opportunities. She is an expert in U.S. workforce development policy, global supply chains, and inclusive economic development. Dr. Goger’s work has been prominently featured in TEDx San Quentin, CNN, NPR, Washington Monthly, the Hill, and a number of local outlets and podcasts. Dr. Goger’s work has challenged the dominant “skills gap” narrative, arguing that building stronger education and labor market institutions, addressing information asymmetries about careers and resulting patterns of occupational segregation, and making long-term investments in talent development are the key to unleashing regional innovation and addressing racial and gender inequities in the labor market.

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