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Table of Contents

Accelerating Access to Quality Education

Accelerating Access to Quality Education: Introduction, Motivation, Framework

Subir Gokarn & Rohan Sandhu



  • Defining Universal Learning Aims: Lessons from the Learning Metrics Task Force Kate Anderson
  • Mechanisms for Large-Scale Learning Assessments Vyjayanthi Sankar
  • Building Capacity for Assessment and Quality Management Vyjayanthi Sankar
  • Addressing Teacher Quality & Training Maya Menon
  • View from the last-mile | Teaching is “Social Work” Snehlata Yadav
  • View from the last-mile | No teacher can teach effectively without being sensitive to the needs of her students Shalini Chandra
  • Developing School Leadership for Quality Education Sameer Sampat &  Anne Munt-Davies
  • View from the last-mile | The Role of the School Leader Rajesh Malhotra



  • Improving Quality in Government Schools: Teachers as a Solution Sharath Jeevan, Vinod Karate, James Townsend
  • The Role of Private Sector in Providing Quality Education Ashish Dhawan
  • The Role of Supplementary Education Unmesh Brahme
  • View from the last-mile | Reflecting Grassroots Experience in Policy Devanik Saha
  • Quality Education for Quality lives for Girls in India Urvashi Sahni
  • The Right to Education Act: Increasing Access while Limiting Quality Shamika Ravi
  • View from the last-mile | Bridging the Gap between Right to Education and the Right to Quality Education in Private Schools Ambika Gulati




  • Enabling Innovation and Experimentation Pooja Bhatt
  • Accelerating and Scaling Innovations for Revolutionary Change Shiv Khemka
  • Scaling Successful Innovations Amitav Virmani & Shweta Anand Arora
  • Transforming Pedagogy at Scale: A Case Study of the Sampark Smart Class Program Venkatesh Malur
  • Improving School Quality at Scale: A Case Study of Ark’s School Quality Assurance Framework Kruti Bharucha & Ian Anderson
  • E-nabling Accelerated Access to Quality Education Subir Gokarn & Rohan Sandhu
  • View from the last-mile | Sawubona: The last-mile perspective Rupal Nayar


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