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Show Me the Money: Options for Financing Health Reform

At the Alliance for Health Reform’s recent briefing examining various options to finance coverage expansions and reforms to both the delivery system and insurance markets, Engelberg Center Director Mark McClellan focused on a new path forward to health reform, based on his work with the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC).

During his remarks, McClellan addressed several key issues the BPC focused on in developing politically viable and budget neutral policy solutions to reform, including: promoting high-quality, high-value care; making health insurance available and affordable; emphasizing personal responsibility for health and wellness; and ensuring a real, workable, and sustainable approach to financing.

Mark McClellan’s full remarks are available online for viewing, in addition to the entire event Webcast.

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Mark B. McClellan

Former Brookings Expert

Director, Margolis Center for Health Policy - Duke University

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