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Policy 2020 Equips Voters with Facts on U.S. Election Issues

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Tuesday, October 15, the Brookings Institution launched a new initiative to provide Americans with reliable data on the key policy issues emerging in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Called Policy 2020, the Institution-wide effort aims to empower voters with fact-based, data-driven and non-partisan information to break down the policy matters most on voter minds. With resources available in English and Spanish, and in a variety of formats, Policy 2020 seeks to reach all Americans aspiring to be well informed on the policy issues shaping the 2020 election.

“At a time when political conversations and social media are increasingly polarizing, and disinformation and misinformation are rampant, it can be difficult for many Americans to find sources they can trust about the issues that matter most to them,” said Brookings President John R. Allen. “Brookings is proud to be a resource for all Americans seeking to be well-informed, whether they are privately deciding on a candidate to support, adding lucid facts into a heated Facebook discussion, or having better conversations around the kitchen table and water cooler.”

A key component of Policy 2020 is “Voter Vitals,” a series of guides written by Brookings experts and made available in English and Spanish on the issues dominant in the election. These guides feature accessible explanations on emerging policy topics related to jobs and the economy; healthcare; housing; taxes; education; climate change; national security and more.

“An informed and active electorate is essential to our democracy,” added President Allen. “Even as our nation’s politics feel increasingly divided, legislative action is still happening at all levels of government. It is vital that Americans feel armed with both facts and trusted analysis that empower them to engage on the issues of the day.”

Another component of Policy 2020 is a series of proposals for presidential candidates and campaigns called “Big Ideas for 2020.” These Big Ideas feature pragmatic and actionable proposals for America’s next president and for the 117th Congress to address challenges in government and for families across the country.

Several resources are already available on the Policy 2020 website launched at Voter Vitals and Big Ideas for 2020 will be added regularly up until the election to be responsive to policy debates and hot topics in the news. They will be supported by videos, podcasts and other shareable content.

A series of events is also being planned for the coming year. For updates on all new resources and activities, people are encouraged to sign up for the Policy 2020 newsletter.

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