News Release

In Preparation for Senate Debate, Brookings Expands Campaign Finance Website

March 15, 2001

To provide in-depth background materials for the Senate debate on campaign finance reform slated to begin the week of March 19th, the Brookings Institution is expanding the already extensive section of its website devoted to campaign finance issues (

The enhanced website boasts a new feature, “A Guide to the Current Congressional Campaign Finance Debate,” which assists those seeking to keep track of important arguments and developments. The guide provides links to the text of the major bill to be considered?sponsored by Republican Sen. John McCain and Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold?as well as other legislation introduced this year, analyses of the constitutionality of provisions in the bills, statements by groups supporting and opposing the legislation, proposed amendments, and transcripts of congressional debate.

The website also features analysis by three campaign finance experts affiliated with the Brookings Institution: Anthony Corrado, co-chair of the Campaign Finance Institute and the author of Paying for Presidents; Thomas Mann, senior fellow in Governmental Studies at Brookings and the co-editor of The Permanent Campaign and Its Future; and Trevor Potter, the former chairman of the Federal Election Commission. All three are the co-authors of Campaign Finance Reform: A Sourcebook, which is available in its entirety on the Brookings Campaign Finance Reform website.

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