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Brookings China Council launches on the eve of Obama-Xi Summit

September 22, 2015

Content from the Brookings-Tsinghua Public Policy Center is now archived. Since October 1, 2020, Brookings has maintained a limited partnership with Tsinghua University School of Public Policy and Management that is intended to facilitate jointly organized dialogues, meetings, and/or events.

Washington, D.C. – The Brookings Institution today announced the launch of the Brookings China Council, which will support Brookings’s work on China and Sino-U.S. relations, both at the John L. Thornton China Center in Washington, D.C. and the Brookings-Tsinghua Center in Beijing. The launch of the Council coincides with the state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the United States. The launch of the Council will take place on the sidelines of the welcome dinner for President Xi in Seattle on September 22.

With the support and advice of the Council members, Brookings will further expand its independent and original policy research on a wide range of contemporary policy issues regarding China and the United States.  Cheng Li, a prominent scholar on the Chinese leadership, and Qi Ye, a leading expert on climate change, serve as directors of the John L. Thornton and Brookings-Tsinghua Centers respectively. Both centers will celebrate their 10th anniversaries in 2016 – a year that also marks the 100th anniversary of The Brookings Institution.

In addition to co-chairing of the Brookings Board of Trustees, John L. Thornton will co-chair the Brookings China Council alongside Qiu Yong, president of Tsinghua University, Brookings’ long-time institutional partner in Beijing.

“The China Center was founded nearly 10 years ago with our keen awareness of China’s emergence and its far-reaching implications for the United States, the Asia Pacific and beyond. As China arrives at this critical moment in its history and given its relations with the United States and the rest of the world, the need for high-quality, timely research on China has never been more urgent,” said Thornton. “We are honored to have these leaders join us in advancing Brookings’s reputation as the premier applied research institution in the field of China studies and Sino-U.S. relations.”

“Brookings is proud of the accomplishments and contributions of the John L. Thornton China Center, both in Washington and at Tsinghua,” said Brookings President Strobe Talbott, “and we’re deeply grateful to the distinguished individuals who are joining John in ensuring that Center’s ability to continue its mission far into the future.” 

The founding members of the Brookings China Council are: John L. Thornton,  Brookings Board of Trustees; Qiu Yong, Tsinghua University; Michael Ahearn, First Solar; Anla Cheng, Sino-Century China Private Equity; Deng Feng, Northern Light Venture Capital;  Ding Jian, GSR Ventures;  Jon Huntsman, former U.S. Ambassador to China; Michael Sweeney, Steinway Musical Instruments; Tang Xiaodan, Silversun Group; Jerry Yang, AME Cloud Ventures; Zhang Chi, Sinom Group; Jiang Weiming DSM; and Vaughan Smith, Facebook.

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