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Past Event

New Partnerships in Pacific Geopolitics

Brookings India hosted a roundtable delegation featuring a high-level academic delegation from New Zealand. The discussion focussed on India’s perspectives on the Indo-Pacific and prospects for Indian cooperation with New Zealand and other Pacific island countries. What developments on the Pacific end of the Indo-Pacific have relevance for India today? As the geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific continue to undergo changes, how can big and small powers work together in the region? The discussion on these issues, focused on the diplomatic, military, and trade aspects of engagement, will begin with brief remarks from the following:

  • H.K. Singh, Director General, Delhi Policy Group
  • Harsha Vardhana Singh, Senior Fellow, Brookings India
  • Gurpreet Khurana, Executive Director, National Maritime Foundation
  • Simon Draper, Executive Director, Asia New Zealand Foundation
  • Sekhar Bandyopadhyay, Professor, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Dhruva Jaishankar, Fellow, Brookings India (moderator)

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