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Past Event

Productivity in Services Industries: Trends and Measurement Issues


Papers and comments are in PDF format.
Barry P. Bosworth and Jack E. Triplett*

8:30 a.m.

Continental Breakfast and Registration

Morning session chair: Charles Hulten, Maryland

9:00 Chapter 1: Services industry productivity growth

Barry P. Bosworth and Jack E. Triplett

Susanto Basu, Michigan and Harvard

Kevin Stiroh, New York FRB and Wesleyan University

10:00 Break
10:30 Transportation and Communications

Chapter 2a (PDF—173kb)

Chapter 2b (PDF—155kb)

Barry P. Bosworth

Barbara Fraumeni, BEA

Robert Gordon, Northwestern

11:30 Finance and insurance

Chapter 3a (PDF—335kb)

Chapter 3b (PDF—335kb)

Chapter 3c (PDF—276kb)

Jack E. Triplett

Dennis Fixler, BEA

David Humphrey, Florida State



Afternoon sessions chair: Marilyn Manser, Bureau of Labor Statistics

1:15 E-commerce and retail trade

Barry P. Bosworth

Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT

Brian Ratchford, Maryland

2:15 High-tech capital: Inputs to services industry productivity


Jack E. Triplett

Ernst Berndt, MIT

Carol Corrado, FRB

3:15 Future research and data needs

Presenter and discussion leader: Dale Jorgenson, Harvard

Steven Landefeld, BEA

Kathleen Utgoff, BLS

Frederick Knickerbocker, Census

4:15 Adjourn

* Bosworth and Triplett are producing a book on services industry productivity and measurement issues that makes use of the material in the 15 Brookings economic measurement workshops conducted between 1998 and 2003. The material distributed and discussed at this workshop consists of draft chapters from their book.


Productivity in Services Industries: Trends and Measurement Issues

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