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Leadership on green finance and sustainable infrastructure – how can China and Sweden work together on the Belt and Road Initiative?

China’s Belt and Road Initiative aims to transform connectivity and cooperation on trade and development across Asia and beyond. To succeed, the initiative will require the deployment of modern infrastructure across several regions and sectors.

In recent years narratives have shifted around global progress towards a low-carbon and sustainable future: where once there was concern over the costs of action, now there is increasing recognition of opportunities for growth and productivity.

An essential part of this growth story is the drive to develop sustainable infrastructure, for which the right kind of investment is needed. Both China and Sweden have been forerunners in advancing green finance. China now issues more green bonds than any other country, while a decade ago the Swedish bank SEB, alongside the World Bank, pioneered green bonds.

As Sweden’s Minister for the Environment Ms Karolina Skog makes an official visit to China, the Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), and the Embassy of Sweden in China are organizing a dialogue to promote innovation in green finance and sustainable infrastructure in the Belt and Road Initiative.




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