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Governance structures and private sector engagement in health sector in India

Brookings India is co-organising a seminar on Governance Structures and Private Sector Engagement in Health Sector in India with the World Health Organization and Global Health Histories, University of York.


A large majority of people in India do not have access to health care services that is equitable, affordable, and of optimal quality. The challenges of systemic deficiencies in public health system, under-utilised public health facilities, high private household-out-of-pocket expenditure and inadequate health infrastructure have significant consequences on household finances. The government alone cannot mobilise sufficient resources to invest in creating additional health infrastructure. Engaging the private sector, in the form of public private partnership (PPP) is increasingly seen as a policy option to address the health sector challenges. This requires creating and sustaining necessary enabling conditions, appropriate institutional framework, and capacity of the government (and the private sector) to design, implement and manage partnerships. In this cross-state research the PPP eco-system has been explored in terms of PPP policy, legal framework, organisational and institutional structure in health sector.


  1. Professor Venkat Raman, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi
  2. Ms. Pompy Sridhar, Director – MSD(Merck) for Mothers


  1. Dr. Indu Bhushan (CEO – Ayushmaan Bharat, Government of India)
  2. Dr. Shamika Ravi (Research Director – Brookings India, & Member, PM Economic Advisory Council)

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