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Past Event

Formal launch of the Modi-Obama Summit Policy Briefing Book

Event summary by on Friday, September 19, 2014

Brookings India held a formal launch of the Modi-Obama Summit Policy Briefing Book.

Key Issues

  • Key catalysts driving the bilateral relationship forward are the desire to jump-start the Indian economy with enhanced support from the corporate world; the bipartisan support for the Indo-US relationship within the US Congress; and the role of the influential and rich Indian diaspora in the US. In this context, the Prime Minister Modi’s engagement with President Obama is only one of the drivers of the relationship.
  • In the US, there is bipartisan consensus on strengthening the relationship with India. The range of issues on which there is engagement reflects the sheer size of both countries’ population, economies and common interests.
  • The conversation itself is broad-based, and there are a spectrum of views of both countries, rather than a monolithic one-view-per-country. The relationship is transparent in its ability to completely discuss issues of both collaboration and discord.
  • Non-deliverables from this visit might include immigration, climate change, and the WTO disagreement. However, many specific as well as global issues are points of bilateral collaboration – if one isn’t making making progress, others often are.

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