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Development Seminar | Towards more globally competitive gas markets

Brookings India hosted a Development Seminar on “Towards more globally competitive gas markets to be delivered by Kaushik Deb, fellow, Markets and Industrial Development at KAPSARC.

Abstract: Gas demand has grown in Asian (especially non-OECD) and Mideast countries, increasing reliance on imported gas. Since 2015, there has been a spurt of LNG projects, while demand still plays catch-up, leading to a surplus on supply side. This has led to a change in the nature of LNG trade, resulting in a more liquid buyers’ market. At the same time, there exist significant opportunities to expand consumption of gas across geographies and demand categories. This will result in deeper, wider more liquid markets in the future. 

About the Speaker: Kaushik is a research fellow in the Markets and Industrial Development programme at KAPSARC. He is an applied economist who previously worked in the Economics team at BP, leading the analysis of the global natural gas markets, and macroeconomic developments in the Asia Pacific region. His earlier roles include policy research and advocacy on infrastructure and environmental economics issues at IDFC. Kaushik has also guided and implemented research in applied economics at TERI University, and undertaken the role of programme director of the university’s MBA programmes.


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