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Past Event

Debating the State of Defence Reforms in India

Past Event


Are India’s armed services adequately prepared to tackle the security challenges facing the country today and tomorrow? What is required to ensure that they are optimally trained, equipped, and managed? What can India learn from the experiences of other militaries? These questions have preoccupied India’s strategic community over the past several years, and have been the subject of several major committee reports and remarks by the prime minister.

To discuss the state of defence reforms in India, Brookings India hosted a discussion with Anit Mukherjee Assistant Professor at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Singapore and Non-Resident Fellow, Brookings India; and Walter Ladwig, Lecturer at King’s College London. Mukherjee’s presentation was followed by comments by Ladwig, and a discussion involving audience members.

The event was on-the-record and open to the press and public.

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