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Past Event

Conference on Islamic Reform

Opening Remarks by Dr. Saad Al-Din Ibrahim (PDF—87kb)

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Initiative as a Reform Program, by Dr. Sayed Mahmoud Al-Qumni (PDF—81kb)

The Role of Moderate Islamic Groups in Easing the Severity of the Decline, by Dr. Najah Kadhim (PDF—179kb)

The Possibility of the Islamic Groups’ Participation in Democratic Systems—Positions and Fears, by Dr. Abd-al-Hamid al-Ansari (PDF—122kb)

The Concept of Freedom in Islam, by Dr. Muhammad Shahrur (PDF—182kb)

Democracy and Ijihad—The Twin Pillars of Reform in the Islamic World, by Radwan Al-Masmoudi (PDF—113kb)

Concluding Statement (PDF—88kb)


Conference on Islamic Reform

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