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20 Years after Kargil: Military operations, perceptions, and decision-making

Brookings India is hosting the second “Back to the Future” panel discussion, where former decision-makers revisit a historic episode in India’s foreign and security relations to draw lessons and improve future policies. On the 20th anniversary of the Kargil War, the panel will feature officials involved at the time to revisit memories in military operations and in civilian government, as well as the perspective of the media and civilian policymakers.

The event will feature a discussion to explore the military, political and diplomatic challenges of the war and what crucial lessons Kargil still holds for India’s present and future strategy.


Gen. V.P. Malik, Chief of Army Staff, Indian Army (1997-2000).

Lt. Gen. Mohinder Puri, Major General, GOC, 8 Mountain Division (1999).

Air Marshal Narayan Menon, Air Officer Commanding (AOC), Jammu and Kashmir.

Shakti Sinha, Private Secretary to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee (1996-1999).

Indrani Bagchi, Diplomatic Correspondent, The Economic Times (1999).

Moderator. Dr. Anit Mukherjee, Non-Resident Fellow, Brookings India.


This event will be open to the public and press, and is on-the-record. This event will be livestreamed.


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