World of Work Report 2013

Release Date: June 30, 2013

The World of Work Report provides a global analysis of recent labor market and social trends, assesses risks of social unrest, and presents employment projections for the next few years. The 2013 report examines conditions for restoring job-rich growth in severely crisis-hit advanced economies as well as in emerging economies. It addresses the following questions:

• To what extent has the stalled recovery from the global financial crisis affected job creation, unemployment, and income inequalities?

• Has structural adjustment accelerated during the crisis, and is this leading to weaker than expected employment performance?

• Are the jobs being created deteriorating in quality, and, if so, how is this affecting individual well-being and the risk of social unrest?

• What is the role of international labor standards in improving conditions for decent jobs, especially in developing countries?

• What is the policy agenda that can help restore conditions for job-rich growth? How can we ensure the shift in policymaking that is needed in order to avoid major social crises?