World Employment 1996/97

National Policies in a Global Context

Release Date: February 1, 1997

The world employment situation remains grim. With it, certain anxieties have gained credence–that economic globalization aggravates unemployment and that rapid technological change produces “jobless growth” with little hope of a return to full employment.

World Employment 1996/97 includes a global review of recent employment trends and of the major sources of skepticism over the relevance of full employment. Using full color charts and graphs, it presents empirical evidence to refute claims that the end of work and jobless growth are now facts of life and argues that, suitably updated, the objective of full employment remains both highly desirable and attainable. The report calls for cooperative international action to continue liberalizing trade and investment flows, reducing instability in the international financial system, safeguarding basic labor standards, and assisting the least developed countries.