Workplace Action on HIV/AIDS

Good Practices and Lessons Learned

Release Date: July 1, 2005

This useful volume offers practical guidance on responding to HIV/AIDS in the workplace. Through various case studies, chosen specifically to illustrate a broad range of themes, the book reveals what works and does not work in the areas of prevention, care, and treatment. It also provides advice for establishing a legal and policy framework for successful action in the workplace.

Contents include:

Overview of HIV/AIDS issues in the world of work and ILO response

Concept of good practice and its application to workplace action on HIV/AIDS

Legal initiatives that can help to fight HIV/AIDS in the world of work

Protecting the rights of workers with HIV/AIDS: a South African case study

Good practices in prevention in the workplace

Good practices in prevention in the informal economy

HIV/AIDS care and support in the workplace

Gender-sensitive good practices on mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS in the world of work

Methods of data collection for HIV/AIDS