New Ostpolitik: Strategies for a United Europe

Werner Weidenfeld
Release Date: November 1, 1998

The radical change in Eastern Europe is a chance for the whole continent. However, the transformation processes are taking very different courses in Central and Eastern European states. In order to support them efficiently, and prevent incalculable risks, the West must adapt its Ostpolitik to the specific needs of the individual regions. A strategy for enlargement is required for the ten associated states of Central and Eastern Europe. This strategy is to strengthen the reform states’ own efforts by distinct measures and increase the enlargement capacity of the European Union. In the Balkans, extensive security guarantees and concrete offers of integration must help to create the preconditions for modernization and the development of civil societies. A strategy for partnership and cooperation, which assists the establishment of democracy and market economy and links the region to an enlarged Europe, is needed for Russia and the CIS. This book presents an overall approach by merging these elements. By designing a new Ostpolitik , it opens perspectives for a Europe without new divides.