Islam, Politics, and Pluralism

Theory and Practice in Turkey, Jordan, Tunisia and Algeria

Jennifer Noyon
Release Date: August 1, 2003

Advance praise for Islam, Politics, and Pluralism:

“A valuable, accessible, and timely introduction to events and movements that lie behind the headlines of atrocity and terror, and which will enhance understanding of our dangerously polarized world.”—Karen Armstrong, author of Islam: A Short History

“Well-conceived, convincingly argued, and lucidly written. She provides a sorely needed dose of objectivity and balance precisely when those virtues are becoming essential for our government, our media, and our citizenry”—Robert Bianchi, author of Guests of God: Pilgrimage and Politics in the Islamic World

“This is an important contribution to the debate about Islam and should be read by scholars, policy planners, and the informed public.”—Akbar S. Ahmed, Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies, American University

“A fine book . . . clear, crisp, well-written. It makes an important case for the political possibilities of the Islamic movements.”—Ira M Lapidus, professor emeritus of history, University of California, Berkeley