International Migration Challenges in a New Era

Atonio Garrigues Walker, Doris M. Meissner, Robert D. Hormats, Shijuro Ogata
Release Date: October 1, 1993

International Migration Challenges takes an in-depth look at a current social issue that is effecting many countries in the Americas and abroad. Immigration from the Americas and Asia to both the United States and Canada have had several drastic and important implications to the regional economies and societies. This detailed report gives not only statistical data to support the current problems with legal and illegal immigration into the United States, but it also provides information supporting a sustained effort to control and maintain realistic levels of migration to the US and Canada. Additionally, this report looks at the communities from which the ninety-percent of migrants come to the United States and their difficulties to maintain their struggling economies.

Internationally, the authors of this Trilateral Commission report delve into the problems in Europe and the Europeans decision to ban outside immigration after their successful guestworker programs based on their current population makeup and social policies. As well, a case analysis gives an inside view of Japan’s current search and experiments for skilled labor as their domestic industries falter from severe labor shortages.