International Labour Standards: A Worker’s Education Manual

fourth (revised) edition

Release Date: October 1, 1998

This book provides a brief but thorough introduction to the formulation, adoption, and application of internationally agreed-upon standards of good practice and labor matters, and has been updated to cover developments up to mid-1997. By 1997, the ILO had adopted 181 international labor Conventions and 188 Recommendations on all aspects of work. How are these standards elaborated and how is their application ensured? This book provides answers and examples from around the world.

The topics covered include: The ILO and standard-setting, how international labor standards originate, the standard-setting process, the purpose and contents of standards, the complaints procedure, protecting trade union rights, and the influence of international labor standards. This manual is intended for trade unionists, students, and general readers interested in labor matters, social issues, and human rights.