Family, Market, and Community

Equity and Efficiency in Social Policy

Release Date: December 1, 1997

Social policy is under pressure in OECD countries because of concerns about public finances and changing works and family patterns. Over recent decades, social protection systems have successfully provided individual and families in need with income support and access to services. But policies which worked well when they were first introduced, sometimes 50 years ago, may now be protecting the wrong people against the wrong risks.

How can labor market and social exclusion be tackled? How can we help those with low skills to get jobs and generate incomes to meet the needs of their families? How can we broaden the sources of income for those who are retired and ensure that those requiring long-term care services receive the right package of care?

This book examines new policy strategies intended to protect people against distress over the life cycle. These strategies need to be equitable while promoting economic efficiency.