Changing Our Ways

America and the New World

Release Date: June 1, 1992

Over the course of modern history, the United States has been presented with mandate to establish a new order of foreign policy following, the first opportunity came in 1919 with Woodrow Wilson’s progressive postwar reform. The second occurred in 1947, however the objective–Soviet containment–was not achieved until several decades later. And today, the United States has been presented with this rare opportunity to shape new forms of leadership and conduct at home and abroad.

In this volume, distinguished domestic and foreign policy scholars, experts, appointed and elected officials, and political leaders have come together for one common purpose: to describe the rapidly changing world environment and chart a new direction for American foreign policy. By outlining today’s current conflicts, hypothesizing potential regional security threats, and by trying understanding the current attitudes of American foreign policy, these experts have determined the future of American foreign policy.