Challenges for the Former Soviet South

Roy Allison
Release Date: June 24, 1996

The emergence of new states in Central Asia and the Transcaucasus has attracted great geostrategic, commercial, and political interest. But the prospects for the stability of these states, the nature of their dependence on Russia or other neighbors, and the opportunities for foreign investment in the region remains unclear. The papaers in this volume, which were originally published by the Post-Soviet Business Forum at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, have been updated for this important new collection.

Anthony Hyman analyzes the overall character of political change in Central Asia and explores the diversity of the region. Jonathan Aves offers a parallel study of post-Soviet Transcaucasia, with a particular emphasis on the roots and dynamics of regional instability. Adam Dixon focuses on political reform and economic development in the key state of Kazakhstan, while elizabeth Fuller examines the particular circumstances, problems, and opportunities for Azerbaijan. Michael Kaser and Santosh Mehrotra offer a detailed survey of the evolution and current status of the Central Asian economies. Gavan McDonell focuses on the infrastructure of the Euro-Asian corridor. Roy Allison provides an overall assessment of the challenges facing this complex region.