Active Labour Market Policies around the World

Coping with the Consequences of Globalization

Janine Leschke, Peter Auer
Release Date: November 1, 2004

Active labor market policies (ALMPs) are found in almost all countries of the world but differ in amplitude, design, and implementation. Comprising an array of measures, ALMPs can take the form of special support for job searching, training and education for the unemployed, and various other subsidies and job creation activities. While providing a valuable overview of the nature of these policies, this book examines some of the pitfalls and challenges countries face when evaluating them. It also provides a policy framework for designing ALMPs that are permanent yet adaptable instruments to cope with changes linked to globalization.



Historical background of ALMPs

Definition and functions of ALMPs

Contribution of ALMPs to the objectives of employment creation, security in change, equity and poverty reduction

Differences in the utilization of ALMPs: Developed, transition and developing countries

Evaluation of ALMPs

New trends in ALMPs

Conclusions: A framework for the management of change