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Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs: 2007

Edited by Gary Burtless and Janet Rothenberg Pack

Designed to reach a wide audience of scholars and policymakers, the Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs is an annual series that serves as a forum for cutting-edge, accessible research on urban policy. The editors seek to integrate broader research into the urban policy discussion by bringing urban studies scholars together with economists and researchers studying subjects with important urban implications. Tentative contents include: • Did the Rust Belt Become Shiny? A Study of Cities and Counties that Lost Steel and Auto Jobs in the 1980s James Feyrer, Bruce Sacerdote, and Ariel Dora Stern (Dartmouth College) • Government-Sponsored Enterprises and Resource Allocation: with Some Implications for Urban Economies Robert Van Order (University of Michigan) • Home Subsidies and Homeowners: What Role for Government Sponsored Enterprises? Dwight Jaffee and John M. Quigley (University of California–Berkeley) • GSE Loan Purchases, the FHA, and Housing Outcomes in Targeted, Low-Income Neighborhoods Xudong An, Raphael Bostic,Yongheng Deng, and Stuart Gabriel (University of Southern California) • The Impact of Business Improvement Districts on Property Values: Evidence from New York City Ingrid Gould Ellen, Amy Ellen Schwartz, and Ioan Voicu (New York University) • The Impacts of Terrorism on Urban Form S. Brock Blomberg (Claremont-McKenna College) and Stephen Sheppard (Williams College)

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