Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs: 2004

By Janet Rothenberg Pack and William G. Gale

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Designed to reach a wide audience of scholars and policymakers, the Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs is an annual series that serves as a forum for cutting-edge, accessible research on urban policy. The editors seek to integrate broader research into the urban policy discussion by bringing urban studies scholars together with economists and researchers studying subjects with important urban implications.

The six papers in this issue address a variety of topics in urban economics.

Contents include:

Editors’ Summary (Full Text)

The Labor Market Effects of the 1960s Riots (Abstract)
William J. Collins and Robert A. Margo

The Rise of the Skilled City (Abstract)
Edward L. Glasser and Albert Saiz

School Funding Equalization and Residential Location for the Young and the Elderly (Abstract)
Christian A.L. Hilber and Christopher J. Mayer

The Anatomy of Rent Burdens: Immigration, Growth, and Rental Housing (Abstract)
Erica Greulich, John M. Quigley, and Steven Raphael

The Effect of Prison Releases on Regional Crime Rates (Abstract)
Steven Raphael and Michael A. Stoll

Who Benefits Whom in Local Television Markets?
Joel Waldfogel

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