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Brookings-Wharton Papers on Financial Services: 2001

Edited by Robert E. Litan and Richard J. Herring

This annual series from the Brookings Institution and the Financial Institutions Center at the Wharton School provides timely and insightful analyses of the financial services industry. The fourth volume in the series focuses on integrating emerging market countries into the global financial system.

Contents include:

“The Regulation and Supervision of Banks around the World”
James R. Barth (Auburn University), Gerald Caprio Jr. (World Bank), and Ross Levine (University of Minnesota)

“Effective Property Rights and Economic Development: Next Steps”
Hernando De Soto (Institute for Liberty and Democracy, Peru) and Robert E. Litan (Brookings Institution)

“Infrastructure Requirements in the Area of Bankruptcy Law”
Clas Wihlborg (University of Gothenburg), Shubhashis Gangopadhyay (Indian Statistical Institute), and Qaizar Hussain (International Monetary Fund)

“Relevance and Need for International Regulatory Standard”
Edward Kane (Boston College)

“Regulatory Infrastructure Covering Financial Markets”
Reena Aggarwal (Georgetown University)

“The Importance of Emerging Capital Markets”
Richard M. Levich (NYU)

“The Relevance and Need for International Accounting Standards”
Ray Ball (University of Chicago)

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