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Brookings Papers on Economic Activity: Spring 2009

Edited by David H. Romer and Justin Wolfers

Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (BPEA) provides academic and business economists, government officials, and members of the financial and business communities with timely research on current economic issues.

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Editors’ Summary

The Financial Crisis: An Inside View By Phillip Swagel

Understanding Inflation-Indexed Bond Markets By John Y. Campbell, Robert J. Shiller, and Luis M. Viceira

Do Tax Cuts Starve the Beast? The Effect of Tax Changes on Government Spending By Christina D. Romer and David H. Romer

Causes and Consequences of the Oil Shock of 2007-08 By James D. Hamilton

Why Doesn’t Capitalism Flow to Poor Countries? By Rafael Di Tella and Robert MacCulloch, reviewing a previous edition or volume

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