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Brookings Papers on Economic Activity: Fall 2019

Edited by Janice C. Eberly and James H. Stock
Cvr: BPEA: Fall 2019

Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (BPEA) provides academic and business economists, government officials, and members of the financial and business communities with timely research on current economic issues.


  • All Medicaid Expansions Are Not Created Equal: The Geography and Targeting of the Affordable Care Act
    Craig Garthwaite, John Graves, Tal Gross, Zeynal Karaca,
    Victoria Marone, and Matthew J. Notowidigdo
  • Policies and Payoffs to Addressing America’s College Graduation Deficit
    Christopher Avery, Jessica Howell, Matea Pender,
    and Bruce Sacerdote
  • The Optimal Inflation Target and the Natural Rate of Interest
    Philippe Andrade, Jordi Galí, Hervé Le Bihan, and Julien Matheron
  • Inflation Dynamics: Dead, Dormant, or Determined Abroad?
    Kristin J. Forbes
  • Macri’s Macro: The Elusive Road to Stability and Growth
    Federico Sturzenegger
  • Progressive Wealth Taxation
    Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman

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