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Brookings Papers on Economic Activity: Fall 2013

Edited by David H. Romer and Justin Wolfers
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Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (BPEA) provides academic and business economists, government officials, and members of the financial and business communities with timely research on current economic issues.

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• Is This Time Different? The Slowdown in Healthcare Spending Amitabh Chandra and Jonathan Holmes (Harvard University) and Jonathan Skinner (Dartmouth College)

• Boom, Bust, Recovery: Forensics of the Latvia Crisis Olivier Blanchard, Mark Griffiths, and Bertrand Gruss (IMF)

• The Impacts of Expanding Access to High-Quality Preschool Education Elizabeth Cascio (Dartmouth College) and Diane Schanzenbach (Northwestern University)

• Amerisclerosis? The Puzzle of Rising U.S. Unemployment Persistence Olivier Coibion (University of Texas–Austin), Yuriy Gorodnichenko (University of California–Berkeley), Dmitri Koustas, University of California at Berkeley

• The Decline of the U.S. Labor Share Michael Elsby (University of Edinburgh), Bart Hobijn (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco), and Aysegul Sahin (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

• Unseasonal Seasonals? Jonathan Wright (Johns Hopkins University)

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