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Brookings Papers on Economic Activity: Fall 2009

Edited by David H. Romer and Justin Wolfers

Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (BPEA) provides academic and business economists, government officials, and members of the financial and business communities with timely research on current economic issues.

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Editors’ Summary

Heeding Daedalus: Optimal Inflation and the Zero Lower Bound By John C. Williams

The Age of Reason: Financial Decisions over the Life Cycle and Implications for Regulation By Sumit Agarwal, John C. Driscoll, and Xavier Gabaix

Interpreting the Unconventional U.S. Monetary Policy of 2007-09 By Ricardo Reis

By How Much Does GDP Rise If the Government Buys More Output? By Robert E. Hall

When the North Last Headed South: Revisiting the 2930s By Carmen M. Reinhart and Vincent R. Reinhart

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