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America and Europe: Is the Break Inevitable?

By Werner Weidenfeld

With the easing of East-West conflict, the weak links in the transatlantic relationship have become very apparent. Europe and America must now find a new form for their relations. According to the author, what is needed is an agenda that can sustain the partnership and take it into the next century–one that takes into account the new coordinates of world politics and the fundamental changes that have penetrated society and political life on both sides of the Atlantic.

Werner Weidenfeld sets out a practical timetable for the strengthening of transatlantic ties. It includes the devising of a new agenda for security policy, the creation of a free trade area between Europe and America, and the founding of a transatlantic learning community. The strength of this book lies in its revelation of the ambivalent side of this relationship, therefore providing an unembellished picture and avoiding either distortion or pathos.

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