Welcoming Czech Finance Minister Andrej Babis

Last Thursday was finance minister day at Brookings, with three separate visits from European finance ministers who were in town for the IMF meetings. Here in Governance Studies, we were delighted to have the opportunity to host Czech Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Andrej Babis for a wide-ranging conversation with our scholars, including Darrell West, Bill Galston, John Hudak, and myself, as well as Bill Drozdiak of Brookings’ Center on the United States and Europe and Jeff Gedmin of Georgetown University. Brookings has a long tradition of welcoming distinguished European visitors, and so contributing to the strengthening of transatlantic ties. That is particularly important now, as Europe confronts the destabilizing effects of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, the Greek debt crisis, be continuing after effects of the great recession, and multiple other challenges. We were honored to host Minister Babis and we look forward to many more visits here from leaders of our close U.S. ally, the Czech Republic.


(Photo credit: Embassy of the Czech Republic)