Weekend Reads: Indian PM Modi in Washington, Romney 2016?, Inside the New York Fed, and More

New this week

Next week’s Obama-Modi summit. Before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s highly-anticipated meeting with President Obama early next week, explore this comprehensive briefing book from Brookings experts in Washington and New Delhi.

Success in reducing childhood mortality rates. One finding from a new paper by John McArthur: children in sub-Saharan Africa account for the majority of the 7.5 million children’s lives saved since the launch of the Millennium Development Goals in 2000.

Romney 2016? Justin Wolfers looks to betting markets and finds reason to believe Mitt Romney will throw his hat into the ring yet again.

Data on U.S. workers with limited English skills. How many U.S. workers speak English with limited proficiency? What other languages do they speak? Here are six questions answered with data from a new report by Jill Wilson.

What our experts are reading

In a very good POLITICO piece, Andy Kohut, one of our very best non-partisan pollsters, doesn’t see a GOP tide yet. (@EJDionne)

This piece by David Rothkopf takes a behind-the-scenes look at UN debates on ISIS and it looks worse than you might think. (@ShadiHamid)

Wow. Inside the New York Fed: secret recordings and a culture clash over Goldman Sachs regulation. (@DavidMWessel)

A provocative proposal: Corporate social responsibility should be banned. Here’s one reason why. (@LaurenceChandy)