BPEA | 1971 No. 3

The Construction Industry Stabilization Committee: Implications for Phase II

1971, No. 3

THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY STABILIZATION COMMITTEE was established by Executive Order 11588 on March 29, 1971. It is a tripartite committee, with unions, management, and the public each having four representatives, and with John T. Dunlop, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Harvard University, as chairman. The labor and management members have alternates—not personal alternates from their own staffs, but officials of other unions and contractor associations having the same stature as the men they replace. Changes in the economic provisions of all new collective agreements in the construction industry require approval by the committee before they can be put into effect. Before most cases come to the committee they are first reviewed by one of a series of craft dispute boards representing branches of the industry. These have labor and management members, but no public members. Some agreements are disapproved by the craft boards before they reach the committee.