The Center for Middle East Policy

After an incredible 12 years that produced 33 monographs, 32 policy briefs and 16 books, the Brookings partnership with the Saban Family Foundation is entering a new phase. We will now operate as the Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings. The Saban Family Foundation and Brookings will continue our work together on the annual Saban Forum, in the spirit of our shared commitment to research and activities on Israel’s future and the future of the U.S.-Israeli relationship. We are deeply grateful to Cheryl and Haim Saban for their longstanding and generous support to Brookings.

As part of this new phase, the center’s blog will also undergo some changes. For now, we will operate under the banner Iran@Brookings, consistent with our founding objective fifteen months ago to share commentary and analysis on Iran by scholars across the Brookings Institution. But the inescapable connections between regional issues and actors have already led us to feature commentary on the blog about Israel, the Gulf Arab states, and other arenas. We will be building on this experience as we update and expand the blog’s content and focus in the coming months. As always, we will offer insights from a wide range of Brookings scholars, grounded in intellectual objectivity, rigorous policy-relevant analysis, and civil debate. And as ever, we look forward to your feedback via email, Twitter, and other media.

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