Shadow Government

March 6, 2002

Renee Montagne: Last week it was revealed the Bush

Administration has sequestered 100 – 150 Federal

Executives in 2 undisclosed bunkers. It is hoped this

Shadow government will help keep the executive branch

running in the event of a major terrorist attack on

Washington, DC.

Commentator Paul Light is curious about the makeup of this new backup government.

Paul Light: When I heard the news about the shadow

government, I couldn’t help wondering who the Bush

administration had called for this bureaucratic Noah’s

Ark. Although the shadow government is designed to

protect essential government services, it’s not clear

just how the Bush administration defines the term

“essential.” Of course the shadow has to cover

National security and law enforcement, but what about

dairy price supports or environmental protection and

consumer safety? I also wondered how you’d keep the

secret if you were asked to join this clandestine

group—It’s members are prohibited from telling anyone

where they’re going or why, but their subordinates

have to know they’re missing. How do you tell your

colleagues that you’re going to be late for work for

90 days or so. I even thought a bit about what the

shadow government is doing out there: it must be a

little like being Vice President of the United States.

These employees really don’t have much to do unless

something terrible happens. The Bush administration

was only being prudent here, but it should have told

the Country what was going on earlier…listen to entire segment (Real Player 2:24)